Web Design Agency vs Freelancers – Is there a Difference?

Every business requires a website, this is a fact that everyone should know, now how to go about that site can be very difficult, and this is because one might find him or herself in a dilemma between getting an agency and hiring a freelancer to do it for him or her. This article will enable you to decide whether to go for a freelancer or to go for a web design agency.

Pros of working with an agency

An agency can support a different design, technology as well as marketing requirements than the freelancers; however, you should ensure that the agency can truly deliver whatever they had promised.

Good agencies are essential because they promote healthy competition as well as collaboration amongst their staff; this means that you will be able to get rewards of knowledge from the staff members who are doing their extra best just to humiliate each other.

An agency is efficient, and this is because they are always a team that is working in one building hence efficiency when working on a project, they are also able to execute on several tasks because they are many people, hence making it more efficient than the freelancer.

Cons of an agency

Web design agencies are more expensive compared to freelancers, well, this can either be a pro or a con, if you are seeking help for one service then you might end up finding a web design agency that surpasses your budget, but if you have several services then an agency will give you the best pack.

They are not flexible. This is because they are always based in their studios which the clients never have access to. The client and the web developer will need to meet somewhere else prior to the job he or she is required to do. This might, therefore, lead to difficulties especially when an emergency arises.

Pros of freelancer

Freelancers tend to be cheaper than agencies, but this generally depends on the services that one is looking for, for those who might need a whole website build then outsourcing several freelancers might be very expensive, it is always advisable to go for a freelancer if you are just looking for one service. If you are looking for a simple company website like this one, a freelancer will usually be the perfect solution, as you will pay less. However, if you want something very complicated like an e-commerce site, you will probably find most freelancers won’t be able to deal with all aspects themselves.

Freelancers are just about always specialized in a niche, so if you need a service then look for a freelancer with enough knowledge of that service, and you will be sure to get the best results afterward.

Freelancers are very flexible, this is because they do have a specific work station, once you need them, they can come to your location to do the services from there, and they also have a flexible time schedule which allows them to cater for the needs of their clients without passing the deadline.

Cons of freelancers

It is very difficult for a client to build a very successful work relationship since they do not have a permanent work station.
Getting a freelancer can sometimes be hard, this is because they are always just anywhere at any time.
Some freelancers might not be knowledgeable about some services, but when called upon, they still agree to undertake it hence affecting the quality of the result.