How to Develop an Online Sales Funnel

4 Steps Explained to Jumpstart High Ticket Marketing

A sales funnel is integral to the sales of high priced items even on the Internet. Learn the basic steps involved in setting up a product funnel.

A sales funnel is an essential component in marketing campaigns while selling high ticket items. The sales funnel is simply a gradual way of developing trust and building a relationship with the prospect which makes it easier to sell high ticket products. One must take into consideration the following four steps in order to develop a funnel which converts.

Share Useful Information with Potential Prospects

The first step or the first requirement is to share valuable and useful information. The marketer must know and understand the fundamental needs of prospects, the problems they face and the issues which bother them. When useful and relevant information is shared, prospects start to trust the marketer especially because there is no fee for the guidance and information. The simplest way is to subscribe prospects to a daily or weekly newsletter which keeps feeding them with useful and relevant information. You can find out how to do this on the Concentric website.

Recommend Entry Level Products That Help Prospects

In the course of time, the marketer can recommend a product to prospects which she thinks will help them in some manner to solve their problems or at least get a better grip on them. One can either offer a product which one has developed or an affiliate product. The only condition is that one must offer a really useful product. The prospect should not think that the marketer’s intention is only to earn a commission. After all, the main aim is to sell high ticket products and not the low-end product.

Give Away Freebies to Develop Trust

The marketer should constantly keep in touch with the prospects through email and other means. One way is to organize a teleconference and share useful information or bring in an expert. Another way is to offer a freebie like an e-book or software. This impresses upon the prospects that one has the sincere intention of helping them and they start trusting more and more.

Finally, Offer the High Ticket Product

Once the prospects start trusting the marketer’s advice on problems, she can offer him the high ticket product and the prospect will willingly buy it without much ado. This is the magic of building a long term relationship. Even if the product costs over $1000, the prospects will often buy since the business has proven their credibility in helping them on earlier occasions.

The crux is really the level of trust one is able to build with the prospects. Some prospects trust easily while others take a long time. So one must proceed at their pace and at no point should the marketer force a purchase or try to close a sale. Let the prospect sell himself to the product and reap immense benefits.