What Are the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing?

The world is evolving, and technology is taking the lead. Currently, everything is going digital starting from banking systems, health, real estate and even currencies. Here are some of the latest trends in digital marketing.
1. The Interactive Chatbots
Chatbots have been used for some time now since their introduction. The technology does combine the use of text, messaging and voice to communicate directly with the consumers. This technology has been used longer than virtual reality. It happens to be that this year the Chatbots have taken the spotlight. Based on the 2017 report handed over by the Grand View Research, there is a compound annual growth rate of about 24.3% that is estimated in the global chatbot market. There is a projection that it might reach $1.25 billion by 2025.
Some messaging applications such as the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are making use of the messenger bots which have been customized to push out the services and products. This is done by not only promoting the brands but also giving the potential user a well-personalized customer service experience. The Chatbots technology happens to be successful because it answers the needs of the consumers’ in a quick and accurate manner.
Another useful advantage of Chatbots is that it collects their users’ data which later improves interaction among them. Certainly, as much as other forms of technology, there are some things to note before embracing it. The marketers should be aware of where to use the chatbots.
2. The Voice Search
There is an increasing demand on the use of voice commands and voice search. As growth increases, there is also a big challenge for businesses. Unlike the usual way of online searches whereby there are pages upon pages of results, voice searches happen to give only the topmost related answers to a question. Businesses always want to be the one result that matches the user voice question. For digital marketers, this means that they need to optimize content to meet the voice searches requirement. It is necessary to apply natural conversational language and longer sentences as keywords.
3. Incorporating Blockchain And AI Technologies
The blockchain technology is already interfering with the way the world views the finance and financial systems. However, the blockchain technology powers are not limited to these sectors. In the recent past, it has expanded to digital marketing. The technology has enabled marketers to keep track of their ads and ensure the real consumers are clicking on their ads. The transparent nature of the blockchain is an advantage to the consumers since it gives more control over their personal data that is used by various advertisers.
4. The Influencer Marketing
In the current era, where social media is universal, people tend to drift down towards experiences that are real and dependable. Many potential customers are most likely to believe a real person over any advertisement about how good a given brand or product is. This is where the influencers come in. However, as much as this is an effective strategy, it can also be very costly. To get a positive outcome out of this, the marketers should choose their influencers carefully.