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  April 15, 2007, 5:23 am


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Enetation Donation Drive

Quick Overview:
Enetation costs a bomb to run and I can only subsidise it so far, and have never before asked of anything from its users. To cover spiraling costs I am asking for a donation - with a difference, that you get something back ;)

What a donor gets:
(i dont like begging so I coded some groovy features in return)

Seperate Server:
- All donors will have their accounts located on a different server than the main original system, which will be limited in users. As a result it will be like having your own dedicated commenting system :)

Email Notification:
- You can choose to be emailed when you get a new comment, and not just 'there is a new comment' it will say who posted it and what they said :)

XML and CSV Exports:
- Export or just backup your comments. People seem to like this :)

No Enetation Advert:
- The originial enetation now has a small plug for itself in it, by donating you get rid of that.

Other Goodies:
- Code developments will surface first on donor accounts, likewise they will get their support emails answered first and will be open for future updates etc.

Guaranteed Long Term Commenting:
- For those who donate I will guarantee the enetation service will be online for you to use for the next 12 months (and hopefully longer!).


Why should I donate?
Basically to keep enetation here for you the use. I want to be able to provide this system to users, however I cant do that without your help. This is the first time I have asked users for anything back, and I dont like the idea of begging, so thats why you 'get something' when you donate. Enetation has currently been funded in server and bandwidth costs by my pocket, and my incentive to spend all night awake coding / fixing things has been to provide the service. I dont want enetation to become yet another system that dies and thus to ensure its around costs need to be covered.

How does donating work?

Donations can be made using your debit or credit card here or via Paypal below.
Its quite simple, you stick your existing enetation username and paypal username into the boxes below and hit 'donate'. Your then taken to PayPal and are asked to donate $14 (about 10 quid). Within 24 hours you will be emailed new code for your page and you get to play with loads of new features with the nice warm fuzzy feeling that you get for donating.

Why £10? (14USD)
Most people I asked said they wanted to donate 'between £10-£15 quid' so I stuck with the lower amount. Also it will mean that enetation can certainly contiune to provide a great service. It also makes those who want to donate more save money, and those who want to donate less stop being scrooge ;)

Ok, I want to donate!
Thank you, just fill out this quick and easy form:

Enetation username
PayPal Username

Click on 'donate now' to take you to PayPal.

We need the enetation username and paypal username as donations are processed manually.

If you wish to donate and dont use paypal you can donate via credit or debit card here

Again, thanks alot for donating, enetation needs it to survive.



help out enetation by donating, and get email notification and dedicated server for your comments!

donate here
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