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  February 18, 2007, 6:09 pm


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What is enetation?
Enetation is a web-based tool that lets you have a 'commenting system' installed on your website, that is a small piece of code allowing people to feed back via the web.

What is a comment?
A comment is a 'tag' added to a website, it can be part of your blog or just on your webcam for example. Comments are like post-it notes on your site, but viewable to all! For examples of sites that use commenting vist the 'community' forum where fellow users post the website addresses for their sites.

What does enetation do?
Enetation gives you the ease of use to set up a commenting system on your website without the need to be a technical wizard. We have broken the process down to copying and pasting two pieces of code and following step by step directions, so in a couple of minutes your website / weblog could have comments!

What do I need to get enetation working?
You need about three minutes and a website, and an ability to follow simple step by step instructions :)

How does enetation work?
We have done alot of geeky coding and ensured the end product is fuss free for you :)

Is enetation free?
The basic enetation service is completely free. You can give us a nice donation, and by doing that you are supporting the free users of enetation who may not be in a position to pay for the service and also get a nice load of features in return. Click here for more info

How do I get started?
Easy. Click here. If you have questions, problems, comments, suggestions, please use the forum!



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