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  February 25, 2007, 7:24 am


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Popular Weblog Tool Enetation aquired by UK ISP.

On Friday 15th November Enetation was transferred into the control of Netserve Consultants Ltd. Netserve have supplied and supported Enetation from the outset as our technology partners supplying hardware and network infrastructure services and so they are well versed in the underlying structure of Enetation. Netserve have a worldwide customer base of 3500 customers and manage over 18,000 domain names with a wide range of services. Netserve have already been able to commit new hardware to the Enetation service with the addition of two new high specification servers and a team of dedicated developers and designers will commence work shortly in order to make a series of much needed enhancements.

Robert Taylor said today "The takeover of Enetation by Netserve is ideal for users of the system as it allows the contiunation and growth of an already popular service and expansion into other areas of weblogging. It indicates that weblogging is being taken seriously by larger ISP's which can only be a good thing as more resources and technology is made avilble for people to express their views online with ease, or just to add interactivity to their current website."

The good news for Enetation users is that there are no plans to change any aspect of the Enetation business model, the service will continue to be free. As we build and enhance the system a number of new features are planned for the basic and the Pro versions. Netserve are looking forward to introducing a broader range of services to the Enetation community starting with the development of a new user portal.

Managing Director for Netserve John Lyons has commented "Enetation has grown very quickly over the last year to the point where it needed an injection of cash, new infrastructure and development skills. Robert has done a tremendous job this year and the results have exceeded everyone's expectations, everyone agrees that with additional input Enetation will develop into the Internets leading blogging tool."

Jonathan Whitby, Netserve Customer services added "We have watched Enetation grow this year and have been able to follow closely it's development by working hand in hand with Robert . Everyone at Netserve is excited about the prospects for the Enetation community, we have many new developments waiting to be added and are all eager to work more closely with the enetation users."

Notes for editors:

The Enetation offers website owners the ability to run a post-it note style system of user feedback for their website without the need for complex coding via a simple JavaScript copy and paste. The system was created by student Robert Taylor in June 2002 and has grown to become one of the most popular weblogging tools online.

Robert Taylor is an student reading eCommerce in Coventry University, contactable on 07968 247 193 or www.roberttaylor.co.uk .

Netserve Consultants Ltd are owned and run by John Lyons, contact 01745 888414



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